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about the lift efoil

An experience like no other, built like no other.

Lift Foils has brought an extraordinary experience to the market place.  The efoil experience really does bring the rider to a new state of mind that isn't easily reached through other recreational methods. 


It's like standing and flying minus the turbulence.  The design of the water wing (hydrofoil) uses the same principles as an airplane wing (airfoil) to attain lift.  The water is just a much smoother ride. 


Once mastered I have found this preferable to wakeboarding and wakesurfing.  Heres why:

1. It's way easier on my body.  Once the board leaves the water, the wing and mast cut right through any "chop" caused by wind or other boats.  Also, I don't have to worry about pulling any muscles because I don't have a boat tow me into an up right position.  That always put a ton of strain on my shoulders and back.


2. It's easier to get on the water.  In order to wakesurf or wakeboard I have to hook up to the boat trailer, back it in, launch the boat, fill up the ballasts, and then I could enjoy what little sunlight I had left.  With the efoil I literally back my car up to the shore and carry it to the water. Also did I mention I could only take the boat if I found somebody who was willing to drive the boat for me?  Total PIA. 

3.  It just makes more economic sense.  Yeah, the price per unit seems steep but I know I am still saving money.  Ever since I got my efoils my wakeboat has sat.  I don't want to take it out anymore.  The efoils are more fun and so much simpler.  Thankfully I didn't buy a brand new $120,000 wakeboat.  Mine is an older model and I got a good deal on it.  It was a rare deal.  But still by the time I add up the cost of maintenance and making sure the dang thing doesn't blow up in the middle of the lake, the efoil wins by a long shot.  The efoil has what seems to most a big upfront cost (still way less than $120,000 for a new wake boat) but compare the costs down the road.  You will see that between maintenance costs and ease & accessibility, the efoil hands down makes the best economic sense when it comes to having fun on the water. 

Watch some video.

Of course you probably want to know a little bit more about how the Lift eFoil works, how it's built, and its history.  For that I have listed some direct links to videos and and more information below: 

Lift eFoil Mini Documentary

eFoil Features and Assembly Highlights

2020 eFoil Line Up

Lift eFoil Review: Electric Hydrofoil Surfboard

You can also see more video on our video channel by clicking here.

By the time you watch all of the above videos you should have a pretty good idea of what you are getting into.  If you are really interested in the eFoil the next thing to do is try it out.  I do agree it is very easy to ride once learned but the learning process can be somewhat difficult if you try it on your own. 


Plus, even though I talked down the price, $12,000 isn't necessarily pocket change.  Definitely not an amount of money I would spend on this toy unless I absolutely knew I could play on it.


That's where Riverstyle Sports comes into play.  We offer affordable demos, lessons, and rentals so you can be sure your money is well spent.  Lift also offers a nice little discount on the board when you give them our code at check out.  This discount helps offset the cost of the demo/lesson.


Even if you aren't interested in buying an eFoil, we have lesson, demo, and rental options for you too. We don't want to limit this experience to only those who can afford to buy an eFoil right off the batt.


To see the options we have to offer click the button below. 

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