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It's More Than Just Fun, It's Revitalizing.

The Lift eFoil. It’s more than just fun, its revitalizing.

Something I’ve realized in my experience with the eFoil is the tremendous improvement it has on my overall mental state. There is just something about the ride that requires my mind to let go of all other worries and distractions.

This isn’t something you think about when looking at this new “toy.”  In most peoples’ minds all the eFoil is, is a high tech, high end “toy.” They think, “That looks like so much fun.”

It's Not Just a Toy

The reality is the eFoil is so much more than a toy.  The experience the eFoil provides the rider is completely different than anything else out there. It's riveting. It's more of a vehicle to a greater more versatile experience.

The eFoil is almost like flying, but smoother. And it’s a heck of a lot easier to learn.

It's also like surfing and only requires about half the balance.  The learning curve is shorter and less physically intense: you don’t have to smoke yourself to maybe, if you are good and lucky, catch a few waves.

The eFoil is  like a combination of both flight and surf. But it is continuous and if you crash you are going to be okay. You just swim back up to it and go again.

It's Almost Medicating

The feeling is so great because it demands mental agility to block out all unnecessary worries and thoughts, but it is a gentle, not stressful, demand. The brain activity required to maintain equilibrium does not allow for your mind to wander into negative cycles. You are forced to focus on the present moment, and the feeling you have in the present moment flying the eFoil is nothing short of exhilarating.

And remember, like I said the eFoil is not something frustrating to learn to do.  eFoiling is not a difficult “watersport” to be good at.

This makes for a very unique rider experience. It brings the freedom like flight and surf feeling into one simple and continuous experience. All controlled by the rider at whatever rate they are comfortable with.

I say it’s almost like a type of therapy for me. After work, or even sometimes during the work day, I’ll take kind of a “recess” and get on the eFoil for 30 min to an hour. I pretty much keep it in the back of the pick up or car so all I have to do is back it up to the shore line. As soon as I hit the water my mind seems to effortlessly let go.

I can easily get a good mind clearing ride in about an hour to an hour and a half. Most the of time my work and family don’t even know I was on the lake that day. And by the end of it, I just feel better.

I believe a good break isn’t just doing nothing at all. It’s doing something different that requires different parts of your brain to light up and work together.  For me, maintaining my equilibrium while slicing through the lake chop at 18 MPH seems to do the trick. Oh, and it can go 25MPH, so I still have much more thrill to work with, if thrill is what I am after.

Thanks for reading and let me know what you think.


River McTasney

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